Revamped Control Center for resellers

We are pleased to announce that the long ignored Control Center for resellers has been updated. The new design follows the guidelines we have used for merchant’s Control Center. In fact these two are now merged into one, so if you have merchant account and you are reselling websites too, you no longer need to switch between the two.

The Resold Websites tab gives you access to the Commission overview report and there is also the list of resold websites and here you get their banners too.

We will add more features over time based on your feedback.

Update: We have added an option to download the statistical data grouped per website and date, including the number of clicks. The link can be found on the Commission overview page. Continue reading

Sales Overview revisited

Based on the feedback we have received since introducing the Sales Overview in Control Center we have just released a new redesigned version with additional drill down options.

All Sales Overview information is now available on a single page and can be filtered by website, payment method and sale currency. It is also much easier to select time periods for the report and to navigate along the timeline.

SalesOverview Dashboard


Company name on the credit card statements

VerotelPLEASE NOTE: According to the updated VISA and  MasterCard regulations, the first 10 characters of the registered company name must be displayed on the credit card statement of the buyer.


We are currently implementing this change for all accounts registered with Verotel. There is nothing merchants need to do at their end, we’ll take care of these changes. Please note that we are aware of the privacy aspect most buyers want to retain. Therefore we do not display any URLs on the buyer’s credit card statement – nor will we share any personal identifying information.

FlexPay v3 API: Subscriptions and Purchases

Verotel FlexPay API allows dynamically set parameters for Verotel Order Pages. This is especially useful when integrating with eCommerce or other systems which use dynamic pricing.

Besides the already existing purchase sales, the new FlexPay API version 3 now offers a way to dynamically create subscriptions.

The main difference between purchases and subscriptions is that subscriptions have some duration – a time period – for which subscriptions are active while purchases are is just a simple one-off sales.

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FlexPay plugin for OpenCart 2.x available

Opencart+VerotelAn updated FlexPay plugin for the open source shopping cart system OpenCart is now available. OpenCart version 2.0 and higher is supported.

With this new plugin,  Bitcoins will also be offered as a payment method if you have Bitcoin payments enabled in the FlexPay options of your website.

The new version of the FlexPay plugin for OpenCart is available in the OpenCart extensions repository here.

Authorized Agents – user roles in Control Center

Authorized AgentVerotel customers often have different staff members performing different tasks in their Control Center: e.g. one person is managing website setup, another is looking after the sales. Also, often there are freelancers who work on various Verotel order page or FlexPay integrations for various Verotel customers.

With the introduction of Authorized Agents and roles
it is now possible to provide these users with their own credentials and restrict their access only to those areas of the system they need them to have access to.

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Setup landing page after successful sale

It is now possible to configure the URL on the page which is displayed after a successful sale and to which the “Visit website” button leads to.

The URL can be configured in “Setup landing page after successful sale and for cancelled members” section of Membership website detail page. If not set the default,  website URL, is used.successpage


Reseller_id in redirect from affiliate banner or link

We have released a small but useful tweak to the affiliate functionality.

When a potential buyer clicks on a banner or a link on reseller’s website and gets redirected to the nominated website page we now also pass on the “reseller_id” parameter so it is easier for the merchants to distinguish the resellers from whom the buyers are coming from.


results in a redirect to

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