Partial refunds option

An option to perform partial refunds was added to Control Center. You can specify an amount to refund on the refund dialog in transaction detail page.  If the sale is a subscription you can also decide whether to terminate it or leave it active.

The partial refund option is NOT available for sales where an affiliate is involved, in cases NATS integration is enabled and when the merchant’s account is setup with security charge rate plan.

Control Center API

APIThe Verotel Control Center API extends the functionality of the Verotel Control Center from your own interface.

With the Control Center API you can not  only obtain data for sales and transactions but also perform actions such as:

  • cancel future billings
  • downgrade sales
  • extend subscriptions
  • refund transactions

The complete Control Center API documentation is available here.

Control Center API is available on request. Please contact for more information.

FlexPay News #3 – Downgrade


Webmasters can now set the rebill price of active (not-cancelled) subscriptions.

The amount can be set to a value between the minimum processing amount and the amount used in the last rebill (or the maximum amount set the by cancel discount if it was applied). The “Lower future rebills” option is available on Sales detail page.

downgradeNew postback type “downgrade” was added to notify about the price change. See updated FlexPay subscription document for details.