Verotel and CardBilling now offers Remember card option to increase conversion

creditcardTo simplify the process of entering the buyer’s credit card details on our order pages we have now introduced the option to “Remember my credit card information for my next purchase“. If checked, the card detail ( number, date and name) is securely stored so it can be reused. Continue reading

Sales Overview revisited

Based on the feedback we have received since introducing the Sales Overview in Control Center we have just released a new redesigned version with additional drill down options.

All Sales Overview information is now available on a single page and can be filtered by website, payment method and sale currency. It is also much easier to select time periods for the report and to navigate along the timeline.

SalesOverview Dashboard


Drill-down by website, currency and payment method

There are now several new options to view your sales data.

Accessible from the Sales Overview by clicking the chart for selected period you can access the Detail page.  In the middle section of the Detail page you can now see more drill-down options – by Payment method, Website and Currency with charts to illustrate the views.