Authorized Agents – user roles in Control Center

Authorized AgentVerotel customers often have different staff members performing different tasks in their Control Center: e.g. one person is managing website setup, another is looking after the sales. Also, often there are freelancers who work on various Verotel order page or FlexPay integrations for various Verotel customers.

With the introduction of Authorized Agents and roles
it is now possible to provide these users with their own credentials and restrict their access only to those areas of the system they need them to have access to.

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Setup landing page after successful sale

It is now possible to configure the URL on the page which is displayed after a successful sale and to which the “Visit website” button leads to.

The URL can be configured in “Setup landing page after successful sale and for cancelled members” section of Membership website detail page. If not set the default,  website URL, is used.successpage


Reseller_id in redirect from affiliate banner or link

We have released a small but useful tweak to the affiliate functionality.

When a potential buyer clicks on a banner or a link on reseller’s website and gets redirected to the nominated website page we now also pass on the “reseller_id” parameter so it is easier for the merchants to distinguish the resellers from whom the buyers are coming from.


results in a redirect to

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ATVOD Compliancy

UK-registered merchants please note:

ATVOD authority requires the providers of video on demand to follow their regulations  to ensure that under 18’s cannot normally access hardcore pornographic content“. 

In order to help our merchants to comply with the regulations, we have implemented a new functionality which allows UK-registered merchants to choose whether or not they will accept UK debit cards. (UK debit cards can be possessed by under 18’s.).

The new setting is available under the Orderpage options section in the Website detail page.


By default the option “Accept debit cards in United Kingdom” is selected.  Uncheck the setting in order to prevent sales using UK debit cards in order to comply with ATVOD.

Changing Usercodes

Another frequently requested feature is the ability to change the usercodes of your members. We are happy to let you know that this functionality was just released.

The usercode can now be updated in the “Sale detail”:chnageusercode

  • The usercode must be between 5-12 characters long and can contain only alphanumeric characters.
  • For backward compatibility, two RUM postbacks are sent:
    •  “Add” – To create a new user with the updated usercode (and identical passcode)
    • “Delete” – After the new user is successfully created, the old one is removed
  • The member is then notified by email about the credentials update.
  • Please note that members are now also notified when their passcodes are changed.