Reseller_id in redirect from affiliate banner or link

We have released a small but useful tweak to the affiliate functionality.

When a potential buyer clicks on a banner or a link on reseller’s website and gets redirected to the nominated website page we now also pass on the “reseller_id” parameter so it is easier for the merchants to distinguish the resellers from whom the buyers are coming from.


results in a redirect to

This behavior applies to all affiliate URL options:

Using banner<banner_id>:<reseller_id>


Using Banner and specifying landing page<banner_id>:<reseller_id>&URL=<landing_page_url>


Without banner

It is also possible to create an affiliate url without adding any banners<merchant_id>:<reseller_id>&websitenr=<website_id>


Without banner specifying landing page<merchant_id>:<reseller_id>&websitenr=<website_id>&URL=<landing_page_url>



11 thoughts on “Reseller_id in redirect from affiliate banner or link

    • If the webmaster of the website configured banners for the website which is meant to be resold, you can find the banners in your reseller’s ControlCenter>Resold Websites section (provided you have registered as a reseller for that website).

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