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The affiliates management has been moved to the Website details page.

The new Affiliates section shows the current “Default affiliate commission” value, the number of banners your website has, the number of affiliates reselling the website and gives you access to manage your affiliates setup.


A quick guide to invite affiliates to promote your website:

  1. Login to your Control Center and set the default commission:
    SETUP WEBSITES > selected website > Default affiliate commission
    You can offer commissions of up to 70% if you offer commission only on the first transaction and not on recurring transactions. Or up to 50% if you decide to offer commission on both the first and recurring transaction.
  2. Add some banners – these are the images your affiliates would be offered to place on their websites to attract buyers:
    SETUP WEBSITES > selected website > Manage banners
    enter the “Banner URL” – the URL of the image you would like to use. This must be a publicly accessible image.
    – enter the “Landing URL” – this is the URL you want the buyers to land after clicking the banner.
  3. Generate the code and place the generated code on your website:
    SETUP WEBSITES > selected website > Generate affiliate signup HTML
    e.g. (Sample only):

    <a href="">Sign me up!</a>

    The generated code will add a “Sign me up!” link, but of course you can modify the code to have a clickable image, etc.

     <a href=""><img src="[Image_URL]"></a>

    When clicked, the link would take the potential reseller to a simple-to-follow form to add your website to their resold websites portfolio ( if they already have an account with Verotel) or lets them create a new Verotel account.


  4. Edit individual Affiliates – you can individually edit registered affiliate commissions and/or disable or delete them:
    SETUP WEBSITES > selected website > Affiliates (click the number next to the affiliates label)

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