FlexPay v3 API: Subscriptions and Purchases

Verotel FlexPay API allows dynamically set parameters for Verotel Order Pages. This is especially useful when integrating with eCommerce or other systems which use dynamic pricing.

Besides the already existing purchase sales, the new FlexPay API version 3 now offers a way to dynamically create subscriptions.

The main difference between purchases and subscriptions is that subscriptions have some duration – a time period – for which subscriptions are active while purchases are is just a simple one-off sales.

The subscriptions can be of two types:

  • “one-time” subscriptions – simply expire after a given time.
  • “recurring” subscriptions – Verotel will attempt to rebill the buyer periodically until the subscription is cancelled or terminated. Recurring subscriptions can have a trial period.

Documentation for the subscription API: FlexPay v3.x Subscription
Documentation for the purchase API: FlexPay API v3.x Purchase

Example FlexPay v3 client libraries are available in Control Center for Perl and PHP

Update: 19/10/2015 Added Direct Debit (DDEU) payment method for purchase and One-time-Memberships

Please watch this space for updates.

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