ATVOD Compliancy

UK-registered merchants please note:

ATVOD authority requires the providers of video on demand to follow their regulations  to ensure that under 18’s cannot normally access hardcore pornographic content“. 

In order to help our merchants to comply with the regulations, we have implemented a new functionality which allows UK-registered merchants to choose whether or not they will accept UK debit cards. (UK debit cards can be possessed by under 18’s.).

The new setting is available under the Orderpage options section in the Website detail page.


By default the option “Accept debit cards in United Kingdom” is selected.  Uncheck the setting in order to prevent sales using UK debit cards in order to comply with ATVOD.

One thought on “ATVOD Compliancy

  1. Unfortunately this is just one step in a despicable campaign to get all adult content banned again in the UK. With the Feminists and Femiservatives in full flight at the moment there is probably nothing that can be done to stop this happening, but what we are seeing is the end of anything close to a free internet in Britain. It is very sad.

    ATVOD are a quango appointed by another super-quango, the ghastly OFCOM, staffed by a board of apparatchiks unknown to the general public, who are appointed to control us all without any public oversight, a slimy form of state control with a long, sad history in Britain. People in less puritan countries should observe what is happening to us in the UK, and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

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