Testing Cards and Website Testing Mode

Setting up and testing your website just got easier with testing credit cards and website testing mode:

Every merchant account now has a testing credit card:TestingCard

  • The testing credit card details are show on the Website details page
  • You can disable and enable the testing credit card yourself
  • You can use the card to perform testing transactions using order pages for any of your websites which are Authorized and also for those in testing mode (either Authorized or New)
  • If you need to replace your testing credit card, please contact merchansupport@verotel.com 

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Discount Option on Cancellation

When users decide to cancel their memberships, one way to change their minds is to offer them a discount if they decide to continue.


Now there is a way to do this easily with Verotel. All you need to do is configure the “Offer a discount to canceling members” option in the website detail. Here, you can set the discount ( allowed range of 10 – 50%)  which will be applied to the rebill price if the user decides to continue his/her membership.

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Sales Overview Report

Up until now, there was no overview report in the Control Center where you could easily review your processing volumes at a glance. The new Sales Overview report in the Sales section shows all the important information about your sales in a clear tabular and graphical form. 

SalesOverview_0 Besides the total processing volumes, information about the split between new sales and rebills is also shown, and the data can also be downloaded.

New Compliance Procedures 2013, Visa and MasterCard


Verotel will be sending out new agreements for our Merchants in order to comply for the year 2013 with Visa and MasterCard regulations. You should have received an email from merchantsupport@verotel.com, and in some cases other documents as well. These are indeed trusted and from Verotel. If you have already fulfilled these requirements please disregard this announcement. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your account manager at merchantsupport@verotel.com.  Thank you for your business with Verotel. We appreciate it!

Redirect After Membership Cancel

Is there a way to bring back users who have just canceled their subscriptions? Once they cancel they are gone …

Not anymore!

The new cancel page, which now uses the same design as your Order Pages, can redirect users who wish to cancel their memberships to a URL of your choice. You can setup this URL so they are redirected to a page offering them your other products.

CancelLandingPageConfigure the “Landing page for cancelled members” on the Website detail page. If not configured, then by default users will be redirected to your website URL.

UPDATE:  Also, the “usercode”, “custom1”, “custom2”, “custom3” are passed to the landing page as a parameter for further use.