Discount Option on Cancellation

When users decide to cancel their memberships, one way to change their minds is to offer them a discount if they decide to continue.


Now there is a way to do this easily with Verotel. All you need to do is configure the “Offer a discount to canceling members” option in the website detail. Here, you can set the discount ( allowed range of 10 – 50%)  which will be applied to the rebill price if the user decides to continue his/her membership.


  • The discount is only offered when the user confirms the cancellation.
  • When the user accepts the discount offer, then his/her future rebills will use this discounted price.
  • The next time the user decides to cancel, the discount will not be offered again.
  • If the discount offer is not accepted, the rebill cancellation is performed, even if the page is just closed or left open without any further action.
    • If page is left open without any further action, then in 15 minutes the user is redirected to the page that would appear after confirming cancellation (and the rebill is cancelled).
    • If the user closes the page, the cancellation is performed by a background process after 30 minutes.
    • If the user repeats the cancellation within the “cancel pending” period he/she would be offered the discount again.

This is how the user will see the offer:CancelDiscountOffer1

12 thoughts on “Discount Option on Cancellation

    • Hi Steve,
      the “Offer a discount to canceling members” is located in the website detail, in the “Cancel membership options” section on the right. It is only there for websites selling memberships.

      Update: In the last release this was moved to the left column: see here

  1. Great feature, congratulations !!!

    Just a couple of questions,

    is there a place to preview the discount offering page? does it show only the percentage or it also calculates the final monthly payment? because depending on this we can look for percentages that give round monthly payments. Is there a wording such as “we want you to stay with us, so we offer you this discount” or whatever?

    It would be interesting to have some tool to monitor how is the discount offering doing, i.e. number of cancellations vs number of retentions.

    In any case, thanks again, great feature!!!


    • Hi Silvio,
      thank you 🙂 I have added a screenshot of the cancel pages showing the offer pages to the blog post. The offer page shows the percentage offered as well as the result – the recurring price calculated based on the discount.
      Your idea about a report showing the success of the discount offers is a good one and we will definitely consider it. Meanwhile we’ll monitor the overall numbers ourselves.

      I hope it helps ?

  2. Thanks, it’s perfect. I will implement it and try it this same week.

    The wording is also great. The only thing I would eventually add is, after “if you do you will only pay xxx per month” I would add a phrase saying something like “and, as usual, you can cancel recurring charges anytime”

    Just a suggestion -not sure if a good one 🙂

    And another one: I would never have learned about these new features if I had not entered the control panel, wouldn’t it be a good idea to send an email to your customers each time the blog is updated?

    Thanks for improving your service, we appreciate it.

    • Hi Peter,
      the option is only available for “Membership” websites – not for FlexPay. In the last release the option was moved to the left column of Website details: see here


      • I also cant find it, my account shows:
        Type: Membership + FlexPay

        but the “cancel membership options” links are completely absent compared to your screen shot

          • Also, if you are not using FlexPay for your website, we can change the website type to just “Membership” and you will get the option straight away.

          • The options:

              Offer a discount to cancelling members
              Setup landing page for cancelled members

            are now also available for “Membership + FlexPay” websites.

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