Revamped Control Center for resellers

We are pleased to announce that the long ignored Control Center for resellers has been updated. The new design follows the guidelines we have used for merchant’s Control Center. In fact these two are now merged into one, so if you have merchant account and you are reselling websites too, you no longer need to switch between the two.

The Resold Websites tab gives you access to the Commission overview report and there is also the list of resold websites and here you get their banners too.

We will add more features over time based on your feedback.

Update: We have added an option to download the statistical data grouped per website and date, including the number of clicks. The link can be found on the Commission overview page.

Commision overview

Money section provides information about past a incoming payments, invoices etc.



4 thoughts on “Revamped Control Center for resellers

  1. I’m an affiliate and I used to be able to check stats for my sites, even when they had no sales. Have you eliminated this functionality in favor of stats for paid subscriptions only? I hope not, that info has always been helpful to me in gaging viewers interest in particular sites. I’ve looked at links on the new Control Panel for resellers, but I can’t find a link for stats without sales. Is there one? Thanks a lot, sorry I’m being so thick, if the info is right under my nose, and I’m not seeing it.

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback. We are currently designing additional statistical tools for affiliates and in some form we will show the data you need.

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