FlexPay plugin for OpenCart 2.x available

Opencart+VerotelAn updated FlexPay plugin for the open source shopping cart system OpenCart is now available. OpenCart version 2.0 and higher is supported.

With this new plugin,  Bitcoins will also be offered as a payment method if you have Bitcoin payments enabled in the FlexPay options of your website.

The new version of the FlexPay plugin for OpenCart is available in the OpenCart extensions repository here.

Bitcoin available for membership options


Membership websites can now accept Bitcoin payments.

If you wish to offer your customers to pay by Bitcoin you need to create new membership options with payment method “Bitcoin” in the Control Center.


The order page will then offer Bitcoin as a payment method with the membership options you have created.


Verotel Charge:

Currently, all Bitcoin sales are only charged at 1% rate instead of you normal rate.

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