FlexPay News #1

The latest version of Verotel FlexPay is now 3.3.


There are several changes that you may find useful:

  • It is now possible to specify a “declineURL” parameter – a URL to which Order Page gets redirected after a declined transaction
  • It is possible to receive postbacks from refunds and chargebacks – this can be enabled on request (contact merchantsupport@verotel.com)
  • As with membership websites, it is now possible to specify cancel discount for recurring subscriptions.
  • FlexPay PHP library is now available on GitHub

The complete documentation is available here.

NATS supported for FlexPay websites

NATS and FlexPayWe are now supporting NATS integration for FlexPay websites.

There are several advantages there:

  • Simple FlexPay integration with your website if you use NATS
  • Products need to be defined only in NATS administration ( with NATS for membership websites this had to be managed in both systems)
  • NATS can now support all Verotel payment methods – Credit Cards, Sofort and Bitcoins
  • NATS now supports Purchases and Subscriptions

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FlexPay v3 API: Subscriptions and Purchases

Verotel FlexPay API allows dynamically set parameters for Verotel Order Pages. This is especially useful when integrating with eCommerce or other systems which use dynamic pricing.

Besides the already existing purchase sales, the new FlexPay API version 3 now offers a way to dynamically create subscriptions.

The main difference between purchases and subscriptions is that subscriptions have some duration – a time period – for which subscriptions are active while purchases are is just a simple one-off sales.

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FlexPay plugin for OpenCart 2.x available

Opencart+VerotelAn updated FlexPay plugin for the open source shopping cart system OpenCart is now available. OpenCart version 2.0 and higher is supported.

With this new plugin,  Bitcoins will also be offered as a payment method if you have Bitcoin payments enabled in the FlexPay options of your website.

The new version of the FlexPay plugin for OpenCart is available in the OpenCart extensions repository here.

FlexPay now accepts Bitcoins


Verotel FlexPay now supports payments with Bitcoin.

If enabled, you can start accepting Bitcoin Payments via Bitcoin FlexPay Order Page. Bitcoin amount is calculated according to the current Bitcoin exchange rate for your sale currency and payments are immediately converted to your payout currency. ( You are not paid in Bitcoin).

To enable Bitcoin payments for a FlexPay website you need to check the “Allow Bitcoin payment” on your Website detail/FlexPay options page.

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PrestaShop is Now Supported

Presta+VerotelAre you looking for a great e-commerce solution? Why not try PrestaShop? You can build your online store using this fast, efficient, easy-to-use, and free solution together with Verotel FlexPay.

Verotel now provides a free, easy-to-install plugin for PrestaShop, available here.

Verotel FlexPay offers an alternative to Verotel’s traditional subscription method of online payments. It allows you to bill for online content, without the need for a subscription.

osCommerce Online Merchant is Now Supported

oscommerce+VerotelVerotel now provides an easy-to-install plugin for osCommerce Online Merchant. If you are looking to sell individual video clips, this will help in integrating the solution.

The official FlexPay plugin for osCommerce is now available here

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 is a complete self-hosted online store solution that contains both a catalog front-end and an administrative back-end which can be easily installed and configured through a web-based installation procedure.

Verotel FlexPay offers an alternative to Verotel’s traditional subscription method of online payments. FlexPay allows you to bill for online content, without the need for a subscription. This method of one-off payment is perfect for cam sites or token-based systems where users can buy pre-paid credit for accessing digital content. FlexPay can even be used to purchase tangible products.