NATS supported for FlexPay websites

NATS and FlexPayWe are now supporting NATS integration for FlexPay websites.

There are several advantages there:

  • Simple FlexPay integration with your website if you use NATS
  • Products need to be defined only in NATS administration ( with NATS for membership websites this had to be managed in both systems)
  • NATS can now support all Verotel payment methods – Credit Cards, Sofort and Bitcoins
  • NATS now supports Purchases and Subscriptions

To enable the feature there are several steps involved:

  1. Contact TooMuchMedia and request setup of the new version of Verotel Biller plugin in your NATS installation.
  2. In NATS configure the Biller – enter your Verotel ID, configure the Biller Details for the website Tours ( Site ID and Signature Key – in Verotel Control Center: Website detail/FlexPay options), Cascading and Join options.
  3. In Verotel Control Center setup a new FlexPay website for this purpose only and switch to NATS in the website FlexPay options page

FlexPay Options

NOTE: An existing FlexPay website can be also used, however when it is switched to NATS, any existing active sales will stop receiving normal FlexPay postbacks and Verotel system will start sending the new NATS compatible postbacks which will fail as the NATS system will not recognize them.
Also any existing FlexPay integration would stop working and the website will cease to accept direct FlexPay join request.


Available payment methods:

  • Credit Card (CC)   : can be used for purchase, one-time and recurring subscriptions
  • BitCoin (bcoin), DDEU (elv) : can only be used for purchase and one-time subscriptions
  • DDEU (elv) only supports sales in EUR and is available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and France.

Minimum periods:

  • For One-Time subscriptions the minimum duration is 2 days
  • For recurring subscriptions the minimum trial period is 2 days and rebill period is 7 days

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