Sales Overview revisited

Based on the feedback we have received since introducing the Sales Overview in Control Center we have just released a new redesigned version with additional drill down options.

All Sales Overview information is now available on a single page and can be filtered by website, payment method and sale currency. It is also much easier to select time periods for the report and to navigate along the timeline.

SalesOverview Dashboard


Authorized Agents – user roles in Control Center

Authorized AgentVerotel customers often have different staff members performing different tasks in their Control Center: e.g. one person is managing website setup, another is looking after the sales. Also, often there are freelancers who work on various Verotel order page or FlexPay integrations for various Verotel customers.

With the introduction of Authorized Agents and roles
it is now possible to provide these users with their own credentials and restrict their access only to those areas of the system they need them to have access to.

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Drill-down by website, currency and payment method

There are now several new options to view your sales data.

Accessible from the Sales Overview by clicking the chart for selected period you can access the Detail page.  In the middle section of the Detail page you can now see more drill-down options – by Payment method, Website and Currency with charts to illustrate the views.


Control Center has a new look

Today we have switched on the new look of the merchant’s Control Center.

We keep working on streamlining the Control Center and making it easier for you to find all that you need.  With this release we have refreshed all of the Control Center pages to give it a new, clean, consistent and modern look which also matches the Verotel website style.


Let us know what you think or if you discover any issues.

Introducing KPIs

The initial version of the Sales Overview report was released in June. Since then we have received some valuable feedback and some of it is now incorporated in the updated Sales Overview report:

The first page of the report report now gives you:

  • Performance figures for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 365 days compared to previous periods
  • An option to view the data per website
  • A new larger chart showing your performance data for the last 30 days (Daily), 26 weeks (Weekly) or 12 months (Monthly)

sales_overview#2By clicking on the chart you can also access the Detail page showing a variety of additional information for the selected period such as:

  • Performance figures and the number of transactions – the Total sales, New sales and Rebills
  • Reversals section showing the figures for Refunds and Chargebacks

The middle section of the Detail page now shows the “Top 10 countries” from which your buyers came and a “heat map” showing these countries.

Our vision is to use the middle area for various other reports such as: a list of “Top performing websites” ,  “Sale breakdown per sale currency”. Are there other reports you want to see here ? Let us know !


Sale activity log

The sale detail now shows a log of events related to the sale. This will provide useful information about the events in our system and also provide a history of actions related to a given sale. The Activity log will make the processing actions more transparent and provide merchants with valuable troubleshooting information.


The log currently contains records of the following activities:

  • successful and failed postback posts ( RUM/FlexPay/NATS )
  • changes of user credentials
  • credit card updates
  • recurring membership cancellations
  • membership terminations
  • membership extensions
  • cancel discount acceptance
  • sending of transaction receipts

Please note: The activity log only contains data collected since September 12, 2013. For older sales the Activity log may appear empty or the list of events will be incomplete.

Orderpage options

Until now the parameters relevant to the appearance of Order pages (colors and logos) were managed on the same page where territory, shipping addresses, etc. were set.

In order to make this less confusing and to open the space for future features we have moved the settings  Shipping and billing address settings, Under-18 protection (For UK merchants only), Usercodes and Passcodes options, Sales territory selection to a new section named “Orderpage options” under the website details.



ATVOD Compliancy

UK-registered merchants please note:

ATVOD authority requires the providers of video on demand to follow their regulations  to ensure that under 18’s cannot normally access hardcore pornographic content“. 

In order to help our merchants to comply with the regulations, we have implemented a new functionality which allows UK-registered merchants to choose whether or not they will accept UK debit cards. (UK debit cards can be possessed by under 18’s.).

The new setting is available under the Orderpage options section in the Website detail page.


By default the option “Accept debit cards in United Kingdom” is selected.  Uncheck the setting in order to prevent sales using UK debit cards in order to comply with ATVOD.