Tip: Custom Credentials for Members

Did you know ?Did you know that you can let your customers choose their own Usercodes and Passcodes?

The user credentials can be automatically generated, or you can optionally allow customers to select their own. Or, you can require customers to select their own by making the custom credential fields mandatory.

You can configure this setting for memberships on the Order page setup page under the Website setup/Website detail section in the Control Center.

Support for AUD Sale Currency Added

Australian dollarWhen setting up your subscription or FlexPay payment options, you can select the currencies that will be offered to your customers, when paying by Credit Card, based on the countries they are coming from. Until now the following currencies were available: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK.

We have just added a new sale currency: the Australian dollar  (AUD). You can now create subscriptions in AUD and use AUD in FlexPay and API setups to attract customers from Australia. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact merchantsupport@verotel.com.

Introducing Mobile Order Pages

Mobile Order PagesWe are happy to announce a new version of the Verotel Order Pages optimized for the use on Mobile devices. The new design is now available to all our customers.

These Order Pages will work on mobile phones as well as tablet computers enabled with internet.

We here at Verotel know that there is a growing number of mobile users, so we incorporated this to bring our services to the next level of technology.

Mobile devices are automatically detected and buyers are redirected to the appropriate Order Page. The content of the page uses a new responsive design allowing it to dynamically change for maximum usability on various display sizes.