Feature: Extending Memberships

extend-expirationEver needed to extend the memberships of some of your subscribers? Or wanted to reward them with a few extra days?  Now you can!

We have just added this feature to the Verotel Control Center. You can now add extra days to a selected active membership. The button to do so is located on the Sale detail pages.

3 thoughts on “Feature: Extending Memberships

  1. I’d much more like Verotel to add the facility for subscribers to change their credit card details when issued a new card. My sales strategy is to charge a higher first month fee than the recurring fee. This means that when a customer’s card expires or is replaced, they would have to pay that first month higher fee again. This forces me to have an additional “secret” subscription type that allows them to sign up again at the lower rate. Frankly, it’s a pain in the butt, and makes both me and Verotel look amateurish.

    I think this needs to be urgently addressed. It’s a much more common need than manually adding days to existing subscriptions, and ought to be rather easy to implement.

    • Dear Ian !
      Thanks for your feedback. The facility allowing the subscriber to update the payment details is definitely on the list of features we will implement.

    • Dear Ian,
      the functionality allowing the members to update their Credit Card is now implemented and available in our system. See the details here.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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