FlexPay Subscription Upgrade

FlexPayA new feature of FlexPay is now available – Subscription  upgrade.

Subscription upgrade allows switching from one currently active subscription to a new one with new pricing and rebill period. It is possible to switch between recurring and one-time subscriptions, between payment methods and change the periods and amounts.

Subscription upgrade is supported in FlexPay version 3.4 and later.How it works:

  • The startorder request with type=upgradesubscription launches the ordinary OrderPage
  • Once the buyer enters the payment details and proceeds, a new subscription sale is processed
  • If successful  – an “upgrade” postback is sent, the current subscription is terminated in Verotel system (the expiry postback is not send in this case) and the buyer continues with the new subscription.
  • If the upgrade transaction is declined the current subscription stays unchanged

For more details see “FlexPay subscription Upgrade” documentation here.

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