FlexPay Purchase One Click


Verotel has launched Verotel One Click.

This feature is great for websites selling live adult entertainment services where buyers need to purchase additional credits repeatedly, quickly and easily, such as cam or live-chat sites.

Verotel One Click is available for selected merchants only. The minimum requirements are:

  • You need to have at least one website that has integrated the Verotel FlexPay API
  • You need to approve the terms and conditions of Verotel One Click

Please contact merchantsupport@verotel.com to enquire.

The One Click functionality allows buyers to pay instantly without any type of confirmation required, provided they have made at least one “confirmed” transaction on a given website. The instant One Click will try to charge their previously saved credit card without the need to re-enter the CVV code or any other additional information. This allows for repeated FlexPay purchase sales to be processed quickly without distracting the buyer unnecessarily.

One Click is available from Flexpay API v3.2 for Purchase sales and it is not supported in previous versions of FlexPay API.

Refer to documentation for further details.

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