Updating Credit Card Information

The facility to allow current members to update their credit card details has been a long-standing request. Finally, this functionality is here!

With this feature, the number of members you lose because of an expired credit card will be reduced by giving the members a way to update their payment details before their subscriptions are affected.


Members whose credit cards are about to expire will receive emails notifying them that the next rebill will fail due to an expired credit card and giving them instructions on how to update their credit cards on our secure update page.

  • The emails are sent 2 weeks prior to the rebill that would use an expired card.
  • In the email, they are sent a link to the new credit card update page where they can enter their new credit card information to be use in future rebills. 
  • Credit card expiry notifications are only sent to members with recurring subscriptions.
  • Credit card update is not offered for subscriptions on API websites.


The Sale Detail in Control Center also has a “Change Credit Card” button which generates the same link as the one sent via Credit Card expiry notification email so you can provide this URL to your customers when they request update of their Credit Card.

change card

Do you have any more ideas about improving and extending this functionality? We’d love to hear about them and add them to our roadmap!

9 thoughts on “Updating Credit Card Information

  1. Thats actually a really good idear. But I fear that the users will dismiss the e-mail as spam mail, when theres a link in the mail directing the user to a page where they are asked to type in their CC infomation.

    • Hi Christian,
      Thank you for the feedback. You are right; the users can of course dismiss the emails as spam. Hopefully the fact that we include the last 4 digits of the credit card number, card expiry date, usercode and website will convince at least some of the users that the email is genuine. We have also tested the email with spam filters and they should not be marked as spam automatically.

      In any case this feature is just the first step and we are considering further improvements such as giving the merchant a way to place “Update your payment details” button on their websites.

      More ideas welcome.
      Regards RP

      • An update button for the websites would be a far better idear. It would look more credible if placed in the FAQ section of a website.

      • “we are considering further improvements such as giving the merchant a way to place “Update your payment details” button on their websites.”

        This functionality is *absolutely vital*. I need to be able to put a link to an “update your details” page in my help section.

        Sending them the warning email is a start, but allowing them to change details at will is vital. For instance, maybe the card they are using is not expired, but they want to change card because it has not enough credit left on it, or for another reason.

        Thank you for this first step, but please implement a generic “update your details” page as soon as possible!

  2. And today I receive yet another email from a customer who wishes to change their card which is being billed. Please implement this facility as a matter of urgency. It really is ridiculous that it isn’t possible; I cannot think of another business I deal with as a customer who don’t enable me to do this. It cannot be a major development issue, surely?

    • Hi Ian,
      I’m afraid that we still some time from being able to provide a credit card update link for your website.
      For now we have added “Change Credit card” button into the Sale detail in Control Center. This gives you the option to generate a link (leading to the secure Credit Card update page) which you can provide to your buyers if they contact you with such request.

      Regards RP

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