Updated OpenCart FlexPay Plugin Available

Opencart+Verotel OpenCart is a powerful open source shopping cart system. This turn-key, ready “out of the box” shopping cart solution is both feature rich and easy to use. You simply install, select your template, and add products, and you’re ready to start accepting orders.

Verotel FlexPay offers an alternative to Verotel’s traditional subscription method of online payments. FlexPay allows you to bill for online content, without the need for a subscription. This method of one-off payment is perfect for cam sites or token-based systems where users can buy pre-paid credit for accessing digital content. FlexPay can even be used to purchase tangible products.

Verotel now provides an easy-to-install plugin for this online shopping cart system . A new version of this plugin has just been released.

FlexPay and OpenCart together offer a great solution if you are looking for an easy to setup feature rich online shopping system to sell your products.

We would also like to encourage all of our customers who are already using any of the previous OpenCart plugins for FlexPay to upgrade to the latest one.

The new version of our FlexPay plugin for OpenCart is now available here.

UPDATE: Plugin for OpenCart 2.x is available.

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